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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cuti & Cinta


If i am not mistaken, the last entry is mainly about my new semester..and now, dah cuti semester dah pun. hahaha..nampak sangat final year is a very2 the most busy time ever..
btw, Alhamdulillah..i've finished my 7th semester with joy..and now just waiting for the results. actually, i am very so much tak sabar to see the result as i already put much effort to naikkan pointer and my CGPA..
yela kan..dah final year sekarang so mesti la nak yg terbaik untuk CGPA to determine my class of degree during the graduation day nanti. i just wish for the best.. and try harder for next semester. kite hanya mampu merancang, Allah jua yang tentukan..

December is month of love..
lately, my en.kiki asik bercerita about future, our future..it is something special to hear when a guy starting to talk or plan seriously about future life. is it?
haha.. same goes with me. a little bit nervous at first..but, if dah sampai jodoh insyaAllah..semuanya akan dipermudahkan Allah. aminnn..
this all happened because both of us will graduate this year ( hopefully tak ada sangkut paper). en.kiki will graduate a few months before me, which on June i guess. me is on October 2012..
i just can't explain this feeling when both of us decided to move one step ahead in our relationship..
hope everyone can pray for our jodoh & kejayaan dunia akhirat =)


  1. cepat2 kawen..ak nk g melawat kk ni..hehe

  2. hahaha..
    kawen lmbt lg la syg..memasing lom stabil lg..:)


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